TV SpotS (professional jargon)

Channel One Digital has been helping business owners get their message out and increasing their sales for three decades now. Whether it’s funny or dramatic, we'll take your mission statement, put it in the grinder and churn out the best television commercial you could expect.


Graphic design

You thought we just made videos? Heck, we make print ads too! You may say "Well, my nephew knows Photoshop. He can make my logo!" Well, your nephew may know how to turn on a stove but that doesn't make him a master chef. Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our guy is a pro.



Participating in a deposition can be stressful enough as it is without having to babysit a camera. Need someone to take care of the minutiae? We're your guys!

Political Consulting

Consulting Firm & Media Production house 

The Channel One team has the experience and expertise a candidate needs to effectively deliver their message. No matter the audience, demographic, or office, Channel One is the only option for total Campaign Consultation and Media Production Services. 

Services include: 

     •Focused Campaign Strategy
     •Digital Video Production
     •Multi-Media Purchasing
     •High Definition Digital Photography
     •Copy Writing
     •Pinpoint Message Development
     •In-Depth Opposition Research
     •Comprehensive Policy Research
     •Award Winning Graphic Design & Animation
     •Data Mining & Detailed Analysis
     •On the Ground Field Consulting
     •Website Development
     •Targeted Social Media Management
     •Precise Direct Mail & Voter Targeting 


Safety and training

Keeping employees safe is an ethical and moral responsibility. If you need a safety or training video, trust the professionals who have been producing these videos for thirty years. I don't mean to name drop or anything but companies like Bristow, United Vision Logistics and Lemoine Company have trusted us to produce their Safety & Training projects so why wouldn't you?


Media duplication

Here at Channel One Digital, we have the capability to do media duplications, large and small. Whether you need just one CD or DVD copied or 100+ copies for distribution, we have you covered. See our pricing sheet here.

Note: Duplication or manipulation of copyrighted material in any way in strictly prohibited. (e.g. don't bring in your copy of Frozen.)


Media conversion

Do you have old tapes/film/home movies/slides collecting dust? Now you have no excuses. Get those old family videos over here where we can digitize your older media and convert them into something more easily accessible. We can digitize virtually any medium (VHS, Audio cassettes, Beta, etc.) and convert the content to DVD, CD, Digitized files, or even older media. See our pricing sheet here.

But seriously, do you guys remember Beta? What happened there?


Sporting event recording

Do you need someone to record the big game? Give us a call. Channel One has the equipment and expertise necessary to film complex sporting events. We've been providing live instant-replay footage for UL Football for years. We have also recorded games from such schools as Acadiana High, St. Thomas More, Cathedral Carmel and more. There we go name dropping again. Oh and we can also provide parents with DVD copies of the game for use in highlight/recruiting videos.